This experienced and knowledgeable Department is comprised of nine Field & Operations Managers who collectively have more than 200 years of experience in Labor Relations and are dedicated to our Clients in the Agricultural Labor Staffing Services, the Warehouse Staffing Services,Industrial Staffing Services and Dairy Staffing Services. The Field & Operations Managers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to serve our Clients needs. The Field & Operations Managers maintain communications and presence with our Clients and our Employees.Our Expert Field and operations managers can assist with your row crops, stone fruit and warehouse needs. We have an FLCE Program that provides the Field & Operations Managers with the rules and regulations required by the numerous governmental entities, and we have Policies to enforce compliance with these governmental entities.


    Our Safety Department is led by our Safety/Risk Manager Deborah Gentile, who oversees nine Safety Technicians. Deborah Gentile previously worked as a Senior Catastrophic Workers’ Compensation Examiner. Our Safety Department is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a work related injury is reported to us, we immediately dispatch one of our Safety Technicians to pick up our Employee and bring our Employee to the Industrial Physician. Our Safety Technicians complete all the legally required paperwork for filing the Workers’ Compensation Claim; continue to bring our Employees to and from all doctor appointments, physical therapy appointments and any diagnostic appointments.


    Our Safety Team provides excellent training per Cal/OSHA standards. We provide a copy of the signed Safety Training Attendance Roster to our Clients. All of our Employees that are hired as Heavy Laborers or Operate Machinery (e.g. Forklifts, Tractor’s, Feeders, Front Loaders, and ATV’s) must pass a Drug and Alcohol Test and pass a Pre-Employment Physical. Our Safety Technicians oversee this process.


    Our Safety/Risk Manager, Deborah Gentile has over 13 years experience in Workers’ Compensation Law, Safety, and Risk; Ms. Gentile has experience from a safety perspective in the prevention of risk/liability, from a legal perspective in relying on the laws of the State of California in the defense of claims, and from a Senior Workers’ Compensation Examiner perspective with pro-active and aggressive claims management. Ms. Gentile’s experiences involve the private and public sectors, involving manufacturing, agriculture, temporary staffing service, trucking, correctional facilities, boating, municipalities, and restaurants chains. Ms. Gentile has demonstrated a track record of success in controlling and reducing the cost of Workers’ compensation claims as well as formulating, implementing and administrating a wide variety of health and safety programs.


    Esparza Enterprises was one of the first pioneering Farm Labor Contractors in food safety prior to the governmental agencies requiring the stringent compliances that is food safety. Our Clients relay on us for all their food safety needs. We are USDA, CDFA, GFSI and Primus compliant. Let us help you design your food safety program, pass your audits and take your company to the next level.


    Our Accounting Department is led by Irene Borland, our Controller, who has over 36 years experience in accounting Irene Borland oversees and insures that all 18 people in the Accounting Department successfully exceed our Clients expectations. Our Accounting Personnel understand the unique needs of each of our Clients and strives to meet each of our Clients unique needs and desires. Many of our Clients have special accounting programs and time clock systems, for example the Kronos Time Clock System, Bio Metric Time Clock Systems, and Excel Spread Sheets, where via the internet we receive the file from our Clients automatically and import the file into our software program. Our ability to provide our Clients with this internet reporting insures an errorless process that produces a check to the employee and generates an automatic accounts receivable invoice. For our Clients who may not desire to report via the internet, we are privileged to still provide the same professional courtesies and services.


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